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    -->Here for 5/25 Speed Scrap with Paula!<--

    Hey there everyone!! Are we all ready to get our scrap on??
    We will be starting at 10pm (about 10 mins from now)

    Here's what you are playing for....

    I'll be posting the instructions here in the forum as well!

    1. Saturday night is Laundry night at my house! So we will start by sorting out some clothes! Choose at least 1 photo (you can pick more if you want!). And 4-6 different papers.

    2 Its important to keep track of what needs handwashed and what can go in the machine! So pick out 2 papers (they need special treatment!) and stack them as your background. The rest can be cut into strips and mats as you wish!

    3. Lets add a little detergent to make things pretty!! Add at least 7 different elements (more if you want, and feel free to repeat!)

    4. I have a terrible time with socks getting lost... so add some stitches to hold them together!

    5. Before we toss everything into the dryer.. we need grab a dryer sheet! Add a title using an alpha to the page!

    6. Before the timer goes off on the dryer.... add any journalling, dates, or other items you want to your page!

    7. Time to hang up those pretty pages! Upload them to the gallery and post them here in the forum!! Leave a little love for the other ladies too! You have until morning (probably around 8am- depending on when I get up!) to post. If you have posted your LO by then, you will get the PP!

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    world traveler Alaska
    Retro road trip
    This is me

  3. American southwest

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    not Southwest!

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    world traveler qp

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    Here is mine
    Thanks Paula for the fun Speed Scrap!!
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