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    >>>4/13 Speed Scrap HERE with Andrea<<<

    My speed scrap is starting in about 15 minutes in the chat room. Instructions will be posted in the chat room and here. Layout links should be posted here. You will have until Midnight Eastern time to post your layout here and finish the steps to the speed scrap! Let me know if you have any questions. I will give a $4 coupon to anyone who completes the challenge! The steps will be posted below:

    Step 1: Choose two photos and two background papers. You may use any scrapkit that you have.

    Step 2: Start a new layout and place one of your papers as the background layer. Overlap the other layer at 50% off the background layer so the overlap area goes over the center of the layout either horizontally or vertically.

    Step 3: Choose two different shapes for your photos and clip the photos onto the shapes.

    Step 4: Place the shaped photos over the overlap area for the papers which should be in the center of your page. The photos need to be touching.

    Step 5: Add four different pieces of background element behind your photos. At least one of these should be some type of foliage (leaves, twigs, etc). Other background elments can include flowers, mats, rubons, doodles etc. Arrange the elements behind the paper. You may duplicate them if you want.

    Step 6: Add eight pieces of foreground elements (things that go above your photo layers.) These can be arranged anywhere you want and need to include at least two ribbons and one string item. Add shadows and finishing touches to your layout.

    Step 7: Add some journaling for the page that explains what the photos are about. Look in your stash for some date element items...stamps, cards etc. used especially for dating layouts. Try to use some kind of date item from your stash.

    Make sure to post a link to your layout here. Participation gifts will be sent out on Monday. :)
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