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Thread: Problem Uploading Page

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  1. Question Problem Uploading Page

    I tried twice to upload a page for the Font Challenge. Get to the second step. It says it uploaded and then takes me to the Gallery where my photo is missing. It skips the screen where I give links etc.

    Anyone have this problem at times? Is it a glitch that will be fixed, I hope, so I can upload later? First time I've run into it.

    Thanks for any help!

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    That also happened to me...

    What 33Bells said, that is what happened to me with the upload glitch, described below...

    On my New Song-Easter Song for my sister, Carol for the lyrical ch; looked in the gallery-not picture... first upload didn't take--getting frustrated.. Re-entered the info for the upload, then the upload took, but my description wouldn't take & stay no matter how times it was entered.. so had to post it under the lyrical challenge leave some love page for the contestants.. This has happened to me on other occasions, too namely 3x's.... Mary Anne (marya149)
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  3. I just tried to upload my ABC challenge and had the same problem again. There is definitely a glitch with the website. Hopefully will be fixed soon. Glad to know it isn't just me! But not glad that Mary Anne is having the problem too. :(

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    Ladies, don't know why this is happenging. Have sent a request for it to be checked out.

    So sorry for the problems with the gallery. Hang in there and hopefully it will be straightened out soon.

  5. Thank you!

  6. I was able to upload a layout in Internet Explorer so maybe it is fixed, or maybe the problem is Firefox.

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    I uploaded a page with no problem this morning... using Internet Explorer. Yes, have had heard that other browser sometimes won't work when uploading to the gallery. Glad you had IE to use.

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