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Thanks for the information. I had the same experience and only found two or three parts of the collection still offered, none the ones I used.

Bright Eyes I'm trying to get my foggy head around your post which is full of good information. Not sure I have the year and month because I didn't know to look for it. Will look next time. I did my best by listing information in the description part.

Thank you.
Sorry you are a bit confused. You did a good job on listing the information you knew. If you open up the GDS Customer Apprecaition collabertions kit... in each of the folders, there is a preview of the full kit. If you click on it to view it in a larger version, the name of the kit and month and year should be on it. That is all you need to list in the description when you post a page in the gallery. Hope that clarifies it for you.

From Britnkaymema post - it sounds like it might not have been one of the GDS customer appreciation kit. If that is the case, just list it by kit name and deisgner.