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Thread: January Progressive Challenge

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    Hey Jessie I used a paper from 'Doodly Spring' too. I love the goodies we get with the Legacy Club downloads :)
    step 1:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrappinsass View Post
    Another way to do it is to put a layer at the bottom of your layer stack and name it credits.. then list the credits there and just keep it invisible until you need to add things to it. Then just copy and paste it when you need it. :) I'm sure there are heaps of other handy suggestions others have too. Pick one you like and have fun! :)
    That's a good tip!
    I use notepad, but most of the time I forget to open it... and then forget to put things in.
    I will try it in this challenge
    creative greetings,

  3. Great ideas! Thanks, everyone!

    -Jessie :)

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    Here's mine....first time trying this.

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    welcome aboard! :) Hope you enjoy the challenge :)

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    Thank you. I'm sure I will enjoy the pun intended. lol

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    I have never done a progressive challenge before. This will be a new "challenge" for me!

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    I haven't been scrapbooking for more than a year so hopefully I will get through all the steps! Here is my first step:

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    WoHOOOO .. it's 5:08pm and STILL LIGHT OUT!!! I love it!!

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