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Thread: December Progressive Challenge

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    Here is my step 3:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bright Eyes View Post
    Oh... don't know that I trust such an easy 3rd step...
    Look out for the next one!!
    You said it, I thought of it! LOL!
    creative greetings,

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    LOL no no no.. I'm going to be easy on you.. it's a BUSY BUSY BUSY month <<grin>>

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    My Step 3...loving it so far
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    Here you go mine at the last minute is here.

    Small one dancing in the first snow of winter, just a dusting the rime that formed over night was far more impressive than the dusting of snow :)
    Time strapped mum of two.

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    Here is my step 3:

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    OH my GOODNESS!! I totally missed this!! I'll get this step posted now! lol.. sorry !!!

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    Step Four:
    4. So here we are adding stuff. First find a hanging object ie ornament and hang it somewhere between the curves. Now find some trees or gingerbread people or other interesting winter/holiday/christmas things and arrange them near the bottome between the curves. Now make a cluster around the bottom of your circle photo, in the area nearest the corner. Add shadows. That's it. OHH.. and maybe some glittery scatters or sprays through the middle.. :)

    Post your layout by Wednesday, December 26, 2012 The next step will be posted Thursday, December 27 2012

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    Step 4

    I used a cluster frame, but erased quite a bit and added some greenery to it. Used small diamond/star glow scatter across the middle of the lo.

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