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Thread: December Progressive Challenge

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    Oh I love these papers ladies! Great ones!! :)

    @ Cathy.. ME??? LOL

  3. Here's mine from the Christmas Past kit:

    Step 1:

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  4. step 1

    I'm using the collab kit Shimmer.

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    I loved that collab kit.. January 2010 I think... :)

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    Step 1
    Time strapped mum of two.

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    Step 1:

    Paper is from the December collab 'Christmas Past'.

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    Here is mine:

    :Step 1:

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    Step Two:
    2. Right... so this step has a few parts.. 1. Find a dark paper. Now, remember the curved/wavey elements we did a few months back, make a curved/wavy border on the right side of your paper, going from top to bottom and about 3-4 inches at it's widest part. Take the same paper and make a super wavey border on the left side but only about 1 inch at it's widest part. Ok.. done with that paper. 2. Now find another contrasting coloured paper and make another curved wavy border and put it on top of the border on the right side, making sure you don't block out the bottom one too much ie one little curve or wave is ok. Ok.. done with this paper. 3. Now add shadows to give the borders some depth and you can add a little burnt edge to them too if you like. Again I've given directions for one *view*. If you'd like to reverse the directions, that's perfectly ok too.

    Post your layout by Thursday, December 13, 2012 The next step will be posted Friday, December 14 2012

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    My step 2, cheated a little because I used the waves from your "wavies2"...

    creative greetings,

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