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I think the right person won and the others that were winners also did a great job!!!

My way of thinking is, when you go to the craft store and you buy some fabric...or some yarn...and you make something with it, people will say wow that is a beautiful shirt. They are also considering the fabric that you used, which you didn't make yourself. The same with if they love the hat you knitted. You have the skill to take something, work with it and make it your own. To me that is designing. The people that make CU items make them for a reason, and there are THOUSANDS of different CU items out there, the reason being is because some people don't have a photography skill it takes to photograph a picture, extract it and make it look right. I know personally, I stink at that part. I was doing the play along and could not get the photos to be good enough to use the items to be extracted.

I think its very unfair to make a comment and take away from starwarsfan and the other ladies celebration. they worked very hard on their kits and did a great job. I think just like the person who buys fabric to sew or yarn to knit, they made each item their own and THAT is hard work. I am pretty sure if these ladies put their minds too it they could make their own elements as well, but with only a few days for each part of the contest it would have been virtually impossible for them to make each and every element themselves and make the dead lines.

You can think what you want, everyone has a right to their opinion but Nobody has the right to take away one second of joy and excitement from these ladies they earned it.
I like the way you put this and I agree. Congratulations to all the hard working ladies who participated in the contest and to the chosen ladies who were selected as the winners of this contest. BRAVO!!!