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Thread: A Hero's Tribute Update

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    A Hero's Tribute Update

    As of now, more than 400 emails have gone out!

    Thanks to the many community members who did layouts in support of this tribute. I'm sure that as the servicemen and women read them, a smile will appear! As we get replies from the emails, I will share them with you here! I wish we would have received more emails addresses and would be happy to send along the layouts to anyone who wishes to provide more emails addresses at any time in the future!

    And as I mentioned, we have 3, yes now 3!, other sites who wish us to share the layouts with them so they can include them in slide shows they are sending along to the troops. I didn't bat an eye and in saying yes we'd share them and I hope all of you eel the same :) I'll be sending them the layouts this weekend.

    The Hero's Thank You Collab kit is selling like hot cakes! Thanks to all of you who have shown your support for the cause all proceeds will go to!

    I'd really like to give a special thanks to Barbara (aka BDJEEPERS) for all her encouraging words, wisdom and resources she's passed along to me!
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    WAHOO!!!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!! Great work everyone!

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    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! This is great!

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    Holly, that's fantastic, and I'm absolutely positive that the GIs will be very grateful for all the support that's been shown them.

    Thank you for your kind words, but I did so little compared to what you have done and are doing for the troops. It's hard to be young, separated from your family and lonely, as well as doing tough duty for your country. They ask for nothing in return but deserve all we can do for them. You and Debra have big hearts, and your hard work in this area especially deserves high praise, and I'm sending you hugs for it. I'm thrilled that our layouts will be going with others so as many of the troops as possible will see them. I know they'll pass them along, too, individually.

    GREAT Job, Holly and Debra! You are both stars in my book!

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    I am so glad that this has been such a popular project. Barbara, Debra, Holly and everyone have done such a great job with coordination, email lists, creative work, etc. I applaud you all!!!!

    I think it would be great if we could keep this going by maybe getting some pictures from those deployed to scrap and send to their families.
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    This is wonderful.....I am so glad to hear that your special project has gone over so well. And that you for taking the time to remember our troops...I know that they really appreciate it.

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    wow, this is great. Although I'm not American, I'm touched. I'm sure the special people who received these gifts will be so blessed. What a fantastic gesture.

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    I never did get a layout done but the ones that were done were so well done and touching [I never really knew what type of feedback to give]. Holly, Debra, Barbara and the other contributors you did an awesome job.

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