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Thread: Class Information and Download Links

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    Class Information and Download Links

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to the class! Here is some class information:

    Lesson Downloads:

    The lessons are posted below. All of the lessons are posted on the first day of class for you to work at your own pace. There are 12 lessons total. I encourage you to download all of the lessons right off. If you have any trouble downloading or get any corrupt files, try downloading again or try using a different browser. Let me know if neither of those suggestions help.

    The lessons have a username and password to download. This is not your forum username and password. [COLOR="Red"]Enter the following for both username and password when prompted:

    The lessons have a username and password to download. This is not your forum username and password. Enter the following for both username and password when prompted:

    username: advps635
    password: advps635

    Remember, do not enter your own personal username and password. Use the above password for both the username and the password to download. It's a good idea to copy the username/password to your clipboard or write it down before you click on the download links.

    Week 1 download links:
    Lesson 1a:
    Lesson 1b:
    Lesson 1c:

    Week 2 download links:
    Lesson 2a:
    Lesson 2b:
    Lesson 2c:

    Week 3 download links:
    Lesson 3a:
    Lesson 3b:
    Lesson 3c:

    Week 4 download links:
    Lesson 4a:
    Lesson 4b:
    Lesson 4c:

    Each lesson includes a tutorial and a homework page. These can be read in the free adobe acrobat. In the newest free version, you can even make notes right on the tutorial and save them with the tutorial using the comments tool. You cannot open the tutorials in Photoshop.

    Also, if you are using a MAC and you find a place where I didn't include a MAC shortcut, here are the conversions...

    PC Control button = MAC Command button
    PC ALT button = MAC Option button
    PC right click = MAC Control Click

    If you have any questions at all, please ask. I'm here to help and there are no stupid questions. Photoshop is a very complex program and it can make you crazy if you let it.

    Lesson Topics:

    Lesson 1a: Layer Comps
    Lesson 1b: Layer Comps
    Lesson 1c: Channel Masking Shadows
    Lesson 2a: Quality Control
    Lesson 2b: 3D Action Creation
    Lesson 2c: Advanced Action Creation
    Lesson 3a: Channel Mixer
    Lesson 3b: Advanced Photo Adjustments
    Lesson 3c: Advanced use of Droplets
    Lesson 4a: Adjustment Masks
    Lesson 4b: Photo Blending and Gradient Maps
    Lesson 4c: Advanced use of Smart Objects

    Class Gallery:

    Upload your homework to the class gallery here:

    Take a look at the gallery and make some comments for other students. You can also take a look at what other students, past and present, have done for the homework assignments. This is a public gallery so you will get some great comments from the community here too.

    Let me know if you have questions! You can post here in this thread or in the questions thread! :)

  2. I found them. Delete my last message.

    Esther (Zesty)

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