Hi there! Sorry I have been MIA!

The vacation and wedding were wonderful.....in spite of several hiccups the last few days before the wedding! Our bride did well, I think it was the rest of us who were panicking, lol.
The minister was hospitalized, so had to find a replacement....his wife was the wedding coordinator, had to find a replacement.....the people doing the catering had a granddaughter who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer just days before the wedding, so we had to scramble to find people to fill in there....but.....it all worked out for us, and they are starting treatments for her!
Have to say a huge thank you to all the members of my daughters church, as they stepped up to the plate and answered all the prayers for help!

Got back to Ohio last night to my sisters house to more disasters.....broken water pipe (small leak thank goodness), power outage that caused the freezer to shut down, so we have 4 garbage bags full of spoiled food.....our car has a dead battery! Can I just say this has been a vacation to remember!

Here's praying that we get this all fixed and we can head home tomorrow, and then I will be back to my scrapping duties and life!

Hope no one can top all our mishaps! LOL

I have missed all of you!