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Thread: Layout Lottery Challenge - October 2012

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    Wow... really had to work at this again this month. Fortunately I just got the Oct 15th -Nov 14th Legacy Club Downloads and couldn't resist making a photoless page using Baby Boo kit.

    Here are my Lottery Numbers:
    1 Spider in web
    2 Pumpkins
    7 Papers
    8 Creatures
    10 Words
    16 Bats

    ETA: Debra moved my page to Legacy Club Gallery instead of Miscellaneous Gallery ... broke the link so had to repost the image here again.
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    That's so cute! Great job with the numbers Kay!

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    Loving the layouts.. what a fun challenge this one is this month!

  4. Okay, I'm basically a newbie at this. Tried several years ago so am very rusty...having to learn all over again. Hopefully, I can get back up to speed soon!

    Jessie :)

    I used cbj-Falling for You, cbj-Forever Fall, and cbj-Feeling Like Fall


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    Let you some love in the gallery. Darling page. You did great on this page. You will get back up to speed quickly.

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    Wow Jessie that looks great! Good job with the numbers too :)

  7. Thanks, PattyB and Bright Eyes! That was great fun!

    -Jessie :)

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    Thanks for the challenge! Here's mine:

    My numbers:
    1 - Frame
    2 - Papers
    7 - Leaves
    8 - Flowers
    10 - Paper Clips
    16 - Words in the Quote

    *I added the photo, title, and date extra*

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    Love the framing effect that you've done with the papers, the chain of paper clips is so cute, a lovely page! Great job with the numbers too!

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