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Thread: ISO funeral kits?

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    ISO funeral kits?

    I know this sounds macabre, and it is not for Halloween, but I have some lovely photos from funerals, and would love to scrap them in a dignified and respectful way. Is there such a thing as a funeral kit?.....

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    I think if you use a heritage-type kit, that would work. I've scrapped some funeral photos that way. Using darker papers, nothing funky or lighthearted, and realistic flowers and ribbons should help with the feeling you're going for.

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    I've scrapped about my mother's funeral with Andrea Gold's My imperfect life - I felt it worked fantastic for the theme!

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    Thanks! These are great suggestions!

  5. I've done some... I've not posted them anywhere out loud [forum, nor do I intend to]... I just used colors and kits that worked for the feel for me.
    All the best, it is a tough scrap.

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