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Thread: *~* INSD Speed Scrap & Chat *~* Saturday, May 5 at 7pm PDT, 10pm Eastern Right HERE

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    *~* INSD Speed Scrap & Chat *~* Saturday, May 5 at 7pm PDT, 10pm Eastern Right HERE

    Join me in this thread on May 5 for a speed scrap and chat in honour of INSD!! Have a few photos ready, but I'm not sure yet how many you'll be needing Yes there will be a prize!! See you then!! :)

    1. I will post steps in this post, as well as in the forum, hopefully every 10 minutes from the first step posted. You'll have an hour after the last step to complete your layout and post it in the gallery with a link back here so we can leave some love!
    2. Artistic license is acceptable but try to stay as close to the steps as possible - it's fun to see all your different interpretations.
    3. When you post your layout in the gallery, please include the kits you've used. Preferably you've used GDS Designer kits! :)
    4. You can add shadows at any time. I'll PM your posting bonus after the hour posting deadline.
    5. If a step is unclear to you, please ask for clarification. I don't always explain things clearly enough.
    6. Most important of all.. HAVE FUN!

    1. Find a lighter coloured and lightly patterned paper for your background. Find 2 complimentary papers in slightly stronger colours and hold them on the side for the moment. You'll need them in step 2.

    2. Find 3 curvy/wavy templates that fit together so that you'll be able to see them all when layered. You'll layer them on one side of your layout or on the top or bottom, your choice. Now clip one paper to the top and bottom wave template and the other paper to the middle wave template. If you don't have templates, layer your papers and then cut out the waves with the top paper being the narrowest wave so that the waves behind show. The wave layers should not extend past the 5 inch mark on your layout.

    3. Choose 2 photos and slip one in between wave 2 and 3 and the other photo between wave 1 and two. Give them a slight angle for interest and place them relatively close to each other.

    4. Add clustering of at least 3 different flowers, ribbon or string, matting of straw or netting, a star, a button and some foliage. Try not to extend your clustering past the wave layers. Find some stitching and stitch a border around the entire layer. Stitching around the wave layers can be under the clusters.

    5. Add a title, journaling and a date in the *white space* opposite your waves. Add any shadows you like. You have a hour to complete your layout, post to the gallery HERE and link back to this forum.
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