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Thread: You know you're an addict when......

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    You know you're an addict when......

    So, in the 6 short months I've been digiscrapping, I've have become SUCH AN ADDICT (don't care what my title says, hehe)!!!! Recently I noticed a couple of characteristics that could only come with being an addict. What are yours?

    You know you're an addict when........

    You take pictures to go with a kit, instead of getting a kit to go with the pictures.

    When you run out of pictures, and are simply in love with a kit, you start designing your own "quick pages" to use when/if you take the right pictures.

    When laying in bed trying to go to sleep, you design a page in your head.

    Nobody tell my dh, he'd take the computer away I think! lol.........

    Say "HELLO" to me ~ alfenner

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    You know your an addict when...Yes, your designing a LO in your sleep....

    When you neglect your house work to scrap.....

    When all you can think about is how you can scrap everything around you....

    AND YOU KNOW YOU'RE AN ADDICT WHEN.......You are preparing for a vacation for your 5th anniversary with your husband and your are concerned that you're going to miss something here at GDS including daily donwloads, chatting, replying to forum threads, leaving love on Layouts, doing layouts to upload, etc....

    Yep I'm an addict.

    Amy, I need to PM you but for what ever reason I can't seem to get it to work. I have a question....maybe you could go to the ST Forum under the thread requesting products and answer my question... Thanks


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    You know you're an addict when taking pics on a special occasion, you're already planning the page, as you're taking the pic.

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    You know you're an addict when you are at your GYN (in the most compromising of positions) and start thinking how the adorable pattern on the wall paper would make a great BG paper!

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    you know when you are addicted when...

    1. your 4 year old grandson says "Please Gigi no more pictures and covers his face when he sees the camera.

    2. instead of counting sheep to go to sleep you plan your layout

    3. you rush through your housework so that you can scrap

    4. you are babysitting and one of the kids has an outfit on that you think would make a wonderful kit.

    5. you spend more time with your computer then with your husband

    and these are just a few of my signs of Addiction...I am sooooooooo.....hooked and loving every minute of it.

  6. Talking send your kids to bed early so you can have 5 minutes alone with the computer. plan what shots you want to take before you take your kids to the park.


  7. #7 can't sleep because your layout still needs to be tweaked a little to be just right think about the colors everyone is wearing before you take the picture check digi site before you check your email

    ....everything you see can be turned into a digi kit are a designers biggest fan!!!
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  8. When you sit here reading this and are laughing out loud to nobody there!!

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    WOW...I thought it was just me!!! I was laughing at every single on of those because they're true.

    You know you're addicted when..

    --You wish real life had Photoshop Tools
    **You see things in real life and think in your head about trying to put a drop shadow on it.
    **You see a color outside and wish you had an eyedropper to get the color for your layout!
    **You have used up all your 80 GB hard drive with scrapbooking stuff, and can't even save your layouts until you've deleted something...
    **You spend more time at outings and parties thinking about what pictures you could take to make a cute layout!!
    **You plan activities specifically because you want pictures of those things--I made my husband have a barbecue so I could get BBQ pictures and make a BBQ layout!!

    Maybe these are all just me...I'm scaring myself with this addiction!!!

  10. ROFL!!!!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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