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    Adding Images in Forum Threads

    GoDigitalScrapbooking has an easy way for you to add your layouts to forum threads. Here are the steps I use to get it completed quickly.

    1. When you are in the thread you want to post to, select "Reply to thread" at the bottom of the page.

    Name:  Forum Image 1.jpg
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    2. Select the "picture" icon from the task bar. This has a tree in it.

    Name:  Forum Image 2.jpg
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    3. A pop up screen will open. There are two tabs on top, so pick "From Computer" to choose an image from your own files. Click "Select Files" to open up your computer files to directly upload into the forum.

    Name:  Forum Image 4.jpg
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    4. When your files open up, go to the specific location your image is saved. Simply click on it to put it into the queue to load.

    Name:  Forum Image 5.jpg
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    5. After you have selected the file from your computer, click "Upload files".

    Name:  Forum Image 6.jpg
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    You layout will now be ready to add to the forum. You can add text above and below the image.
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