Hi Everyone! I have released a new kit and thought it would be fun to do a quick page exchange! Here is a preview of the new kit, that is 20% off until the 31st December.

If you submit a page using my Pijama Party kit you will receive all the pages submitted plus two surprise pages created by my creative team, and an extra surprise gift from me :)

Here are the details....

*Create 1 or 2 12x12 page(s) using this kit.
Please put all of your pages on 1 preview page to upload to the gallery to prevent any non-participants from using these pages right out of the gallery.

* Sign-ups are requested for this so that we know who is working on pages. Post here to say you are planning on participating until the 10th December.

* Layouts should be created and saved at 12x12 and 300ppi

* Please name your files as follows to help me track these easier. YourForumName_KitName_qp1.png so as an example, mine would be maria_pijamaparty_qp01.png.

* Post the preview of your quick page(s) at 600x600 and upload it to the Quick Page Exchange gallery for everyone to see!

* Upload THE FULL PNG FILES of your QP (s) to 4 shared or yousendit, etc and email me the link to scrapping.moments@gmail.com, adding QP EXCHANGE to te subject, or PM me the link.

* Please post here that you uploaded so I can make sure it came through OK.

* The submission deadline for the QP is December 31st 2011.

Please have your images posted and uploaded by then so I can get them out to everyone. I will plan on distributing the pages on between the 2nd and 4th January 2012.

I'll keep a list below of who is participating and has uploaded their pages ok.

Have fun

PS: any questions please ask :)