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Those are fantastic additions to the list ... the patients would love it. I also think it would be neat to send them at various points in the year, not just the 4th of July holiday. Service members are deployed all the time. I know that my husband's unit is getting ready to leave again at the end of the year. They will be gone for 15 months ... they lost way too many guys during their last deployment. Something like this would help them to know that someone other than their spouses cares and supports them.

For me personally I would love to be able to create a slideshow with these layouts to show on the big screen for their deployment ceremony. To send them off with a ton of support. Any thoughts on that idea? Not sure who I would contact, but I would love to do that if possible.

I think your project is absolutely a winner that should be done. If I can be of any help....I'm here.