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Thread: A Hero's Thank You - we need your help!

  1. As a proud to have served disabled Veteran nice to have found this page. I just made service member frames this week for friends to share with military families and will post the frames and quick pages in the memer share if I can find it this weekend.

    I made memorial QP, memorial frame, Yellow ribbon frame and QP and military tribute with no ribbon page and frame

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    Those sound awesome! How sweet of you to share.

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    Oh my Gosh this just tore me apart it reminded me of my ex-sister-in-law who gave birth to their son after her Husband was killed in Vietnam. She did move on and remarried and has 3 more sons too!!
    I am going to be doing some layouts for this for sure

  4. This is a great project. I know as a military wife here everything is very much appreciated! Fabulous work!

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    Will you be doing this again for July 4th 2009? Will you be collecting addresses?

  6. My husband and I met on our 1st day of basic training for the British RAF. 10 years later we have 2 beautiful little girls and a wonderful marriage. I have since left the Air force but my hubby is still serving.
    He had just returned from being away with an American unit over Christmas. He says that the support you all send your American serviceman is outstanding and overwhelming. Much more, to our shame, than we do for our loyal and brave servicemen and women.
    I want to thank everyone who shows their support to ANY servicemen, the difference you make is indescribable.
    This project is amazing, We have another of our units going out in a few weeks and i am trying to organise support for them why they are away. Thankyou for the insperation and motivation x

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