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    Anyone in California???

    I feel so alone :P

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    Poor Rebecca!! I would be on hello chatting to you but i have to sort kids ready for school in the morning! And i have an online war tonight!!
    Hope your Sunday isn't too boring for you!

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    I am talking to myself and playing with virtual felt... *sob*sob*

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    If you wanna send me a plane ticket Rebecca, I'll be there like a shot!

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    aww don't feel alone....I'm in Cali!!! Land of 80 degree weather in the fall...yay!! LOL

    I'm in southern california....the south bay to be exact. Where are you??


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    Yay not feeling so alone!!!! but you know it isn't 80 degrees anymore brrrrr :P

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    Hey Rebecca, I'm in Southern California too, High Desert between Apple Valley and Barstow....My Daughter jburkhart is also here but higher desert near Mojave - So you are not alone out here. Weather has been wonderful here - mid to high 80's the last few days - even the beach areas have been warm....Wonderful for November! Have a great week.
    Last edited by Robbi1; 11-16-2006 at 07:20 PM. Reason: Added weather report :)

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    awww.. you guys are killing me.. we have storms and it's maybe 60 degrees here with the rain running horizontal! Rebecca... I can surely use that plane ticket :)

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    Hey I have had rain the last week!

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    oh... well then I guess I'll just stay here... it's beautiful here today :)

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