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Thread: What would you like to see???

  1. I am working on some more Split Shots, and have an idea for a really cool one. Are the Split Shots something that you would like to see more of?

  2. Yes!

    Quote Originally Posted by amyleigh1204 View Post
    I am working on some more Split Shots, and have an idea for a really cool one. Are the Split Shots something that you would like to see more of?
    That would be awesome, Amy! Those split shots are so cool! I ordered the ones you just added to your store and am looking forward to scrapping with them!

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    I agree, the split shots are cool.

  4. I have been looking for a twins kit, but not one of those typical only pink and blue, or only yellow-green, cute-cutesie kits blah, I am sooo not a cutesie kinds-gal but I do like fun & Funky, It seems all the kits I find for little kids are cutesie, what about a sophisticated fun kit for babies/toddlers... hmmm when someone makes it I will buy it lol, also I belong to a scrapping twins yahoo group and Im pretty sure they would want them too!
    Just an Idea
    thanks for listening to me

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    Here are my 2 cents on what I would like to find, and am having a heck of a time finding: Wedding kits! I make do with any kit of course but I have to work double and tripple as hard to soften it down, really work with recoloring/rezising or getting elements from other kits to make the layout work for a wedding theme..ugghh, kindda frustrating when I have so many layouts to do. Not complaining to much, but would be awesome to have. It would be nice if there was a wedding line out there just for weddings. There I said my peace.


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    I am working on a book as a gift for my DS master degree. For this I would like some graduation stuff - hats, degrees,...
    That is was I am looking for - for the moment :)
    Love - Callista

    Proudly creating for:

  7. I just posted this but maybe in the wrong place? I like to see a first haircut kit, barbershop/beauty shop themed. Not spa themed though. Something that can be used for boys and girls.

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    I'm new to digital scrapping. I'd like to see a collection of "the basics", the elements that almost anyone can use like staples, paperclips, tape, brads, etc. Maybe in a couple of different finishes. I've seen them on a few sites, but I'm not sure if there is anything like this in the shop here.

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    Baby Boy and Baby Girl

    I'm looking for baby boy and baby girl kits with cute elements such as bottles, blocks, safety pins, onesies, booties, rattles, etc.
    I saw that Helen has vintage kits but I was looking for something more modern.

    I should add that I am looking for realistic elements.
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  10. I've been looking for polaroid frames, embroidery alphas, & some cools Christmas elements (such as presents, stockings, & trees).

    I love blue colored paper packs.
    Kris Ann

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