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Thread: *** New Contest! ***

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    *** New Contest! ***

    It's time to perk things up a bit and I have a new challenge for you. I want you to create the funniest page you can. It can be a funny photo, a funny story, or a funny kit. We're going to do a poll and at the end of it have everyone vote for their favourite layout. The person with the most votes gets a $5.00 OFF COUPON to my store. If you use one of my kits, you also get a 50% OFF COUPON as well.

    Post your layouts to this gallery. You have until Friday, Oct. 29th to complete your layout and then we'll put up the poll for voting. A winner will be announced on Sunday, Oct. 31st - just before the kids go trick-or-treating!

    I have a photo in mind and I'm off to scrap a layout myself! I hope you all have fun doing this - I know you have some funny photos and some great humorous stories to tell!
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  2. This looks like fun Darlene!

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    Ooo... great idea!! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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    This sounds fun ... I'm puttin' on my thinkin' cap ... and preparing my youngest to be embarrassed. I am certain ... almost beyond a shadow of a doubt ... that she will be the victim *oooppsss* - I meant "subject" - of my page! LOL!

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    Okay - here's my take on the challenge!

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    What a great idea!
    I have lots of funny stories that I was hoping to record for
    my dd. Now to get working on some photos

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    Cool challenge! I'll have to look for that perfect *photo*..

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    Sounds like a fun challenge Darlene :)

  9. Spoon Needed

    It's been awhile since I've posted. Hopefully I remember how!
    My dog Sandy loves his peanut butter and when he gets to lick the empty jar clean he is in doggy heaven.
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    This is such a great page. Just love those photos. I'm going to try that with my dog, I know they love peanut butter! Super job, I had good chuckles over this one!

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