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Thread: Anyone up for a SPEED SCRAP Thurs., Oct. 21st?

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    looks like I got my 12 o'clocks mixed up... I WILL be able to make it.. it's 12 noon here, not midnight! YIPPEE.. lol see you all in 2 hours.. unless I get hugely distracted! lol

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    Less than ten minutes ladies - are you ready? Glad you're able to make it Lone - are you still jet-lagged and on Canadian time? Tee-Hee!

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    Mar 2008
    Western, PA
    so glad to be having a speed scrap, I've been missing them!!!!

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    Ready to go

  5. I'll can play! Is it in here or in a chat room?

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    in the forum here
    first instruction in post #16

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    re: Jet lag - finally over it!! YIPPEE..only took a week this time.. finally going to bed at decent hour and not waking up at 2 am LOL .. Oh.. better open PS and get my *stuff* out.. lol

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    Okay - are we almost ready to go? Have you checked out post #16?

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    Have 3 photos and 3 papers ready to go

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    uh huh :)

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