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Thread: Brush viewer

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    Boy there seems to be a lot of span in the Forums these days don't you think. It's kind of annoying.

  2. I'm on a Mac too, running 10.5.8. I use the Quick Look plugin. I found that abrviewer is quirky on my particular system and misbehaves often enough so that it's more trouble than it's worth. In addition, abrviewer creates png files of all the brushes it views so it's filling your hard drive with unnecessary extra png files you then have to delete. I take screenshots and have put them in a word document (actually a big table that's sorted by category - grunge, plants, etc.). So if I want to see all the grunge brushes on my system before deciding which one to load, I can go to my word document.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by geniaBeana View Post
    I use Tumasoft's Preset viewer. I LOVE it! With that one program I can easily view Brushes, patterns, custom shapes, psds, and more! It is so worth the $25.
    Thanks this program is awesome!! Exactly what I have been looking for.

  4. Hummm....Can Lightroom read .abr files???

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    I just found this for Mac. I've installed it and I'm just going over it so I don't know how good it is. All I know is I can view styles without loading them because that can really bog down Photoshop. It also take so much time to load them individually and I don't always remember what styles are what.

    Check this out - I think it's a 7-day free trial, but if it works and I like it, I'm getting it!

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    Thanks for the heads-up, Darlene. I've downloaded and will check it out.

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    They FINALLY came out with a Mac version - yea!! Thanks for the link, downloading a free trial. I have a brush viewer, but the pattern/style viewer will be handy to try.

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    I use Preset Viewer and I don't know what I would do without it.


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    Hi Andrea,

    I have no Phtoshop on my PC. I work with Ulead Photo Impact 10.
    Sometimes i Icome across atn./asl./pat. and other Photoshop -
    files. I can not open them with any tools Ive installed.

    Is there one which can solve my problem ???
    I want to use this objects in PI .......

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