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    I have PSP x2 which came with my computer but im not real sure how to use it. I found a mini tutorial on the net but it didnt really show me how to add backgrounds and layers which im sure is what you need to know to even start a page. Any great sites that anyone can recommend to learn this. I would prefer they are free sites.


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    Check out the tuts on our "Resources" page (go to the top green line on this page, click on "Tutorials" under "Resources", then see the PSP tuts there. The one on using a layered template should answer some of your questions. There's also a "Just for Beginners" Forum you might want to check out, here. And, Debra teaches PSP classes each month, and you can read the description of them in the store, under GoDigital classes.

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    Actually, its me who teaches the PSP classes, not Deb - she teaches PSE!

    But, anyway, it is definitely worth checking out the classes. There are three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner class covers all of the basics, including layers and the different palettes available in PSP, and sounds as though it would be perfect for you. You can find more info here

    Please note, though, that there are NO PSP classes in April as I am away on holiday so the next class will be in May.

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    Sorry, Joy, I always get it confused. I'll try to remember.

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    I had the same problem when I started. I had no money for a class, so I started checking things out on my own.

    One place I went that helped alot was youtube. I put in a search for PSP digital scrapbooking and started watching all the different videos.

    Definitely printed out the instructions here in the tutorial section. That helped alot too. Still got LOTS to learn. Hope I can take a class some time.

  6. Thanks alot. I will go check them all out.


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