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    Alice In Wonderland

    ... Saw the movie yesterday evening ... would TOTALLY love to have papers/elements with an Alice In Wonderland theme!

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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    what a cool idea!
    how was the movie?

    (one of the games my dd plays added a whole bunch of Alice in Wonderland goodies. of course she is miffed that i wont buy them for her virtual dog that lives on my phone)

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    It was an AWESOME movie ... here's what I put in another thread:

    You HAVE to go see this if you love Johnny Depp ... he's FABO in it. I thought I wasn't gonna like it too much ... the previews appear so dark. But, it's one of those movies I'd see again ... and, I don't watch too many movies over and over ... I can think of about a handful. The colors, the artistry, just the whole movie ... I loved, loved, loved it! And, just like Twilight ... I can see some serious "following" to the movie including a scrapaholic need to use some of that artistry in a layout. My husband and I are already driving our kids nuts because we are repeating select lines from the movie to each other! He's calling our youngest his "jaberwalky" -- wait till she finds out what THAT is ... and, I call him my Absolam ... gotta giggle when you see that character in the movie! Not to mention "imagining at least six impossible things before breakfast" ... OK ... that's it ... I'm going to see it again! Designers, PUH-LEEZE ... I need a Mad Hatter's hat, a tea pot, cards, a bunny in a waistcoat, a tree, a rabbit hole, a sword, victorian boots and a blue dress ... funky black and white checked paper ... a blue caterpillar, a blue butterfly ...............................

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    I think you are hooked Lisa. Sounds like a fun movie.

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    Totally agree with you Lisa!!! I took my grandson to see it in 3D and it was awesome!!!! As for the quotes......LOL we did that have lost your muchness.....nothing like a warm pig belly LOL. Would LOVE a kit with that theme!!

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    We saw the Imax version yesterday. It was simply delightful. All 3 of us loved it. I'd love to get a Alice kit. That red and white dress pattern would be great!

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    Lisa, you are definitely hooked!
    Sounds like a very interesting movie.....wonder when we will get to see it here in Germany.
    A kit would be good though!
    ~ Louise

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    I'm intrigued! I'll have to go see it without hubby, who thinks it looks silly (well, duh!)

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    Jan 2009
    Covington, WA
    I so want to see this! Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. What else do you need?!

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    would love a Alice in wonderland themed kit too, my girls going to school book day dressed as Alice and the Queen of hearts ( with Teddy being the white rabbit - sad but true) so this would be perfect for the hundreds of pics i WILL have.

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