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    OMGOODNESS... silly mouse decided to have dead batteries!! good thing I've got a few around here.. lol

  2. Pat, any kind of photos are fine :) (So good to see you!)

    Terri, THANK YOU! Have you ever had one of those days where it feels like nothing you do matters? It's been one of those for me today as a mom. Ugh. It's nice to be here with wonderful people, who know when I need to hear nice things :)

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    yeah my puter was bein nasty too arghhh i was still on the circles??
    Please have Patience...For I have NONE!

    I used Helen's Mom's Christmas Diner (I have the whole kit and love it)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGOOD View Post
    I guess i'm out as my scrapbooking software will not cooperate, everytime i go to save my work i get a stupid error message. I will keep trying though i have my doubts i'll be able to get anything saved.
    Hey, Chris you could always save a screen shot of it and recreate at a later time. You could submit the screen shot (SS for the SS) to the gallery.

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    Terri -- I hate when computers get ugly. Throwing the mouse generally just makes the computer mad. If you need to get serious -- throw the monitor or the CPU (just remember that sometime then the computer gets very, very ugly and charges you a lot of money before it will work again).

    wife, mother of 2 children and three cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamndprincz View Post
    LoL @ Terri! Just don't hit anyone with it.
    Luckily there's nobody back here but me so I guess DH and the dog are safe for now. LOL!

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    Judy..Judy...Judy... as Cary grant would say. Apologies to the younger crowd.

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    oky, 3 photos cropped into circles

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    Thanks, I will try that.

  10. This is probably the hardest one of all of them tonight, so once you get past this one, it's all downhill!!

    1. Pick one solid textured paper
    2. crop your 3+ photos into circles, all the same size
    3. use doodly frames or stitching around all the photos, use a circle matte underneath one of the photo/stitching combos

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