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Thread: How to Create A Quick Page From A Layout Using PSP

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    How to Create A Quick Page From A Layout Using PSP


    I am using pspx, so your version may be slightly different.

    You will need the psp version of your layout in order to make it into a quick page, ie the layers must NOT be merged. So when making your layout, you will need to save it as a psp image before you go ahead and merge it/save it as a jpeg.

    So, now that you are ready to convert your layout into a quick page, open up your psp image. You will probably have some layers such as journaling which you will not want on the quick page, so delete those layers now. In my example below, it will just be the date on the tag that I will need to delete.

    Now you need to make the transparent area where the photograph is. Ensure that your photo layer is the active layer by clicking on it in your layers palette. Then select your magic wand tool as shown below:

    Adjust the tool settings to these:

    Now, using your magic wand, left click anywhere on your photograph, and you will see ‘marching ants’ around the edge of it like this:

    Now press ‘delete’ on your keyboard, and your photo will be deleted. Then go down the layers which are beneath your photo layer, making each of them the active layer in turn, and deleting the selected area from each one. If you have your shadows on separate layers, you will need to delete it from them as well. You should then end up with something like this:

    Press ctrl ‘D’ and the marching ants will disappear. Now you will need to merge the visible layers. To do this, right click on any of the layers in your layers palette and select ‘merge visible’

    Now you can save your quick page as a png file, and the ‘hole’ you have made for the photo will remain transparent.

    You can then re-size it and save a copy as a jpeg for your preview.

  2. Thank you - Thats great - I will give it a try soon! Hugs!

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    I just learned how to use QPs last night & I AM LOVING THEM!!! This is great, thanks sooooooooo much!!!!

  4. Excellent tutorial, Joy! Brava!

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    OK, I'm trying. Call me dumb, but I can't figure out how to save the LO as a PNG to begin with. Help?

  6. Thank you for this - I've been trying to follow instructions elsewhere & was just ending up tied in knots. This has been so clear & helpful. Thanks.

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    This is great can i use this for photoshop cs4?

    thanks maggie

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    the instructions in this thread correlates to Photoshop and PSE.
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