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Thread: How to create a quick page from a layout

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    Thanks for that tip! .. I always wondered how that was done!

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    Gosh, THANKS for the great info for Photoshop Elements on how to create a Quick Page. So many of us are truly lost in our software, but we love to scrap. This helpful tip is truly appreciated. Sounds simple enough, so I shall attack this method and if successful....I'll be able to share Quick Pages, too! Yeah!!

  3. I have been trying to follow your instructions to make a QP, but am not having very good luck. When I use my magic wand and click on the photo, it does not delete the entire photo. I have to keep going back over all the different colors, etc., to get it to delete the entire space where the photo is. What am I doing wrong?

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    I would love to help but I dont' know which program you are using. I don't know anything about Elements, but I've just learned how to cut out the photo with everything under it as well, but that's just in PhotoShop CS3 (probably works for some other versions too, but I don't know) ..

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    Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I opened the jpg. and went into Layers and picked "new layer from background". But when I click on the photo with the magic wand the only part that gets "marching ants" is exactly where I click. How do you get it to select the whole photo?

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    If you have a frame around your photo, you might try selecting that; hold down the shift key and select other colored areas all around the photo. Once you've defined an area that surrounds the photo, choose "select inverse", and you will have the whole photo selected. Then you can safely use your eraser tool to get rid of just the photo. You might also just use the lasso tool to select the area of the photo, too. The method you use depends a lot on what's around your photo.

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