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Thread: How to create a quick page from a layout

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    How to create a quick page from a layout

    I use Photoshop Elements and here's how I create a PNG from a layout in order to create a quickpage where someone can put their picture behind the quickpage to get their photo(s) to fit just right in the place holders.

    I receive jpgs from participants who could reate the PNG so the first thing I do is:

    1) Open up the JPG in Photoshop Elements
    2) Layer > New Layer from background
    3) Take the magic wand tool and click on the photo placeholder area. You should see marching ants around the photo
    4) Edit > Cut. You should now see a transparent section from where the section was cut.
    5) File > Save As > png > Interlaced: none

    And you're done!
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    THank you Holly, I will try this today.

    Katy, TX

  3. That looks pretty simple, may have to give it a try - would it be the same in PSP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbi1 View Post
    That looks pretty simple, may have to give it a try - would it be the same in PSP?
    It is a bit different in psp - I have done a tutorial for psp here

    Hope it helps :)
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  5. Thanks so much, I will surely give it a try. Thanks Again! Hugs!

  6. Holly:

    Thanks so much for the tut. Its looks easy enough, I'll try it on my next quick page.

  7. Holly,

    Thank you so much. I have wanted to do this, but I had no idea it was so easy.

  8. I am having trouble creating a quick page. When I try to cut after selecting my picture area, it tells me that no pixels are selected. Can anyone tell me what I am doing incorrectly?


  9. hummm, all I can think of is make sure the layer you want the shape deleted from is selected in the layers palette.
    Hope that helps

  10. I do have the shape layer selected. I'm sure I'm doing something incorrect that is really basic. It is my understanding that I should create the layout and then save it as a jpeg file and then try and cut out the picture area. Should I merge the layers before I try to add a new layer and cut out the picture area? I think I have tried it both ways, but I have myself quite confused by now with all my different attempts!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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