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Thread: Printing

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    Apr 2009
    mid north coast Australia NSW


    I would like your opinion on printers, any suggestions?
    I might buy a new one.
    I have made a few books lately and had them printed,
    I would like to know, what kind of photo paper should i use if i wanted to print them myself, any hints or tips!
    Many thanks


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    OH, USA
    I have generally used Epson printers. I like the quality I get.
    I print a few 4x6 photos and some hybrid stuff.
    Other than that, I will get bulk photos printed locally.
    When I have done larger projects, like invitations and announcements,
    I use ink and usually have to replace the cartridges. My current printer takes 5 different cartridges and wont print if one of them is out, even if I just want to print up some directions in black only.
    The cost of ink is something I would look in too also, when you are shopping for your printer. I had great plans to do lots of books and projects, but replacing the ink was getting too expensive. It is cheaper for me to go to Target and have holiday cards printed than to use my own printer and make some fun digi-style card.

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    Belleville, Illinois
    I have to agree with Liz, I am an Epson girl too. I really like the quality of the prints I get from the Epson printers, but, you must use mostly Epson paper with the printers too. I have found using HP paper in an Epson changes the print quality. Although, I have had some off brand papers I found at a dollar store, and got good quality prints out of them.

    I have printed some of my scrapbook pages 8x8 and liked how they came out. You can buy Epson paper that is for scrapbooks.

    The main drawback though, is the price of Ink. Lately it seems as if the prices have gone up a lot, especially for the black inks.

    Epson recently came out with a new printer that is low cost and supposed to be very good quality. Sorry, can't remember what the model was.

    Good luck in your search. Definitley take into account the cost of ink when buying.

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    I use Epson also.

    However, I use off brand printer cartridges bought from printpal or 123inkjets. I like buying a box of 5 cartridges of each of the 5 colors for $65 rather than paying $45 a cartridge.

    Epson ink is fantastic and does last substanially longer. However, I find if I'm printing something I want to last it is a high quality photo and I have it printed at Mpix.

    Scrapbook pages that get printed go in a plastic sleeve in a photo album and seem to be holding up well after 10 years.

    Having said that...I tend not to print my pages now. I save a second copy as *.tiff in a screensaver folder and use that folder as my screen saver.

    I hate how if one of the 5 cartridges is empty you can't print. I also hate how you have to remember to go back and go into advance settings to set the print to black and white only each time you send a job to the printer. The darling confirmation screen for my weekly unemployment is blue or cyan ink and I forget to change it so that cartridge is almost empty.

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    I am an Epson girl too and LOVE my printer!

    I use own-brand inks which you prolly can't get over there, plus I can't remember what they are called, but they print as well as the Epson brand ones INHO.

    As far as paper goes, I find that it makes a very big difference. I prefer to spend a bit more and buy Ilford Galerie classic pearl paper which is fantastic!

    Of course, the other alternative is to get your LOs printed here through the stroe - the quality is amazing and the pricing is very competitive :)

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    I had an Epson when I moved to Australia.. then when I went to get a new printer.. the heads were part of the ink cartridges, which I didn't like. So I switched to Canon. I now have a CAnnon 4500i and LOVE it, however, with the quality of the printing that we now enjoy from Big W, Harvey Norman or K Mart - and even some of the camera shops, it's not worth printing your own pictures. It ends up costing more in ink than the prints would. An 8 x 10 here is about $3.59 and the colour is right on the money! I was very impressed when I got my pages printed. Hope that helps Maggie!

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