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    Speed Scrap? Is the time set?


    I noticed that there is a Speed Scrap set up on the calendar for tomorrow (Thursday, December 10th). Are you really hosting a speed scrap tomorrow, and if so, what time is it scheduled to begin?

    I need some inspiration ... so, I'm hoping for a speed scrap ...

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    A speed scrap? That would be great!

    Can we please have some hints?

    My computer died. Although my photos and scrapbook kits are fine on my data drive in the dead computer I can't get to them until I build a new one. I was going to pull the HD and build an external one out of it...but then learned you can corrupt all your dat if the cord disconnects while being used...don't want to risk that.

    So hints please...I need to go take some photos to use...

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    I noticed that too so I clicked on the "reminder" for that event, hoping that would be my cue as to when it was, & I got the e-mail reminder at 11:00 saying the SS was 5 hours later. Now maybe I'm not as good at math as I thought but that would put it at 4:00 in the morning! Not sure if I missed it or not.

  4. Hi Everyone... Just spoke to Jen and she has asked me to relay that the speed scrap is on for 9 pm tonight est.

    Hint is: "the hint for photos is....3 photos of a special person"

    Hope to see you there!

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    YAY! It's AFTER Survivor ... and I have perfect photos of a special person! I can hardly wait ... see ya at 9!

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    Yayy... I had been meaning to check on this and kept forgetting... Glad I cooked plenty of pasta last nite... No cooking dinner... See you ladies tonight ! :-)

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    I've been meaning to get to one of these Speed Scraps but my schedule just hasn't allowed if I plan my evening now I hope to make it! I'm keeping my fingers, toes, arms, legs & eyes crossed. Okay, I know that's a bit much

  8. Yay! Thanks Deb for passing on the info....
    Can't wait to see you all tonight!

  9. Sorry I'll have to miss this one. I could sure use a good speed scrap!

  10. We'll miss you, Jayne!

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