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    hi ladies

    Here I am from Portugal. I love this site, I do not have the time to participate much but if you need anything just PM me.

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    Feb 2008
    An American from WI living in sunny Singapore

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    I live in the Netherlands, hi everyone!


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    hello..i'm from malaysia!
    nice to meet all global citizens!

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    London, England

    Hi.....Originally from London, England, but now about 5 hours flight further south!!!!

  6. i'm from france

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    Indianapolis, IN, USA

    How amazing that there are so many countries from around the world represented!!

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    Hello I'm from Ontario Canada. :) Nice to meet everyone

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    I'm from Edmonton, Alberta

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    Waving From Good Ole Colorado

    I have been on this site many times, but haven't yet came into the "introduction" area of the forum.

    I live in the beautiful state of Colorado, approx. 25 miles south of Denver! I love it here! It is beautiful, even when it is -20 degrees, it's still a great place to be!

    Take care,

    My Blog - So~Inkin~Cute

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