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    Hi! My name is Dasha. I'm from Russia
    Sorry for my English.

    My Blog

  2. Hi everyone, i am from the NW of the UK, between Liverpool and Manchester, nice to meet you :)

  3. I'm Tammy from Southern Utah!

  4. Smile All over the US

    I'm a Texafornian ( Texas transplant from So. Cal) and I'm a fulltime RVer. We're on our way to Calif right now and I'm near San Antonio in my 5th wheel.The deer are all over this campground. Have a nice day, ya'll.

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    Join Date
    Jun 2008
    Moving back home to Ft. Stockton, TX after 12 years in Alaska.

    In Transit

    Currently in Canmore, Canada, resting for the weekend before resuming my migration to Texas from Alaska.

  6. Tallahassee, Florida

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    Greetings from Lewisville, TX (near DFW) - I've lived in the area for about ten years now, but would love to someday return to San Diego, CA.

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    I'm from Sydney, Australia.

  9. Smile Where in the world are you?

    Hello and greetings from the great state of Arkansas! I'm known online as pianoloegs.

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    Hi lady´s and I saw one men "Hola que tal....Mexico" I thought I had written here before but can not fined "myself" my name is Tora and I live in I the only one from Iceland So nice to see you all from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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