You may have wondered what the Moderators do at GDS, so I thought I'd let you know one of our functions and how it helps you and the site to work better: we fix the gallery descriptions you enter whenever there's a mistake or a misplacement of information in the fields. When the information is right, you can search for all the layouts made with a particular kit, or those which have particular keywords. And you can go directly to a kit in the store from the layout you're looking at. Makes things easy for you!

GDS has tutorials here on how to assign keywords, upload to the gallery, link your layouts in a thread. And chances are, one of the moderators has fixed your gallery descriptions with the appropriate keywords and store links recently. So go back and look at one of your recent layouts to see how it's done.

Also see this thread for important information about what goes in the "Credits" field. No links go there!

A final note, which is technical: you can't copy the store link from the truncated link shown in a gallery description unless you're editing the description. It'll come out something like this: _id=4768 when copied from the gallery description. That is a dead link, and the full link you need is: That is copied from the URL in the top line of your browser.