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Thread: Who wants to play TAG!??!?

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  1. Who wants to play TAG!??!?

    Here's how it works.

    I'll start it by picking a layout in the gallery and posting it here. I'll also leave a comment for the layout artist telling them that they're "it." That person has 24 hours to pick a layout and post it here (leaving a comment for the LO artist telling them that THEY are it). If no one posts within 24 hours, then it's anybodys turn to start it over!

    I'll start.....I picked this one by Dani Alencar off the first gallery page.....

    This wonderful back to school layout is clickable so you can leave some love!

    Dani now has 24 hours to pick someone to tag and post it here......

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    oh, thanks so much Jenn!!

    Here's my pick. I think this is fabulous!

  3. Check out this fantastic rainbow on Suzette's progressive layout page!

    LOVE IT! Suzette has 24 hours to "tag" someone else!

  4. I instantly loved [WE] by kel_doll. It has so many different techniques and the composition is superb!

  5. Thanks, Ama ;-)....can't wait to see who kel_doll tags!

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    OH, USA
    this is so much fun!
    I have loved the pages so far

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    holland, close to amsterdam
    i would like to tag irishgull, theres one lo i saw that day that knocked me of my socks.
    I love the natural, pure feeling of it. The different colors, different textures and shapes are like a painting.
    I trie to achieve that result as well but it always ends up in a mess.

    It is Mosaic on the sand. Now i will have to figure out how to get the picture over here

    will it work? I will go over now and send her a private message (just in case she is like me not noticing that there are people waiting...)

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