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Thread: September Commenting Contest ~ Winners Announced!

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  1. September Commenting Contest ~ Winners Announced!

    Don't ya just love our monthly customer appreciation collaboration kits? Here's a perfect way to win our October collab kit (not yet released)...

    Be one of the top three that comment on the most layouts in the gallery all during the month of September we'll give you our October's collab kit totally FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So come on, show some love for our community members and comment away!

    Thanks in advance for participating!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Good luck Ladies. Can't wait to see who wins for this month. I'll be rooting for you!

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    The galleries are packed with lots of gorgeous layouts!
    I wish I could type faster and not do laundry --
    Digiland is so much more fun!

    good luck everyone!

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    Lots of luck ladies!

  5. It feels so good to get comments. Thanks to all of the ladies who take their time to leave kind thoughts in the gallery!

    Best wishes!

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    Love that the layouts are getting viewed by our members--it's inspiring to see the great work in the gallery, and everyone loves to get praised!

  7. I really love posting in the GDS gallery because of the response! I have posted my layouts previously in other galleries and never received any sort of comment. But usually less than 5 minutes after (any time of day - which is also important since I usually upload around 3 am central) you usually have at least one comment, sometimes more. It's something I really love about GDS. So way to go to all the lovely people who keep up such a fun and appreciative environment!

  8. I was really shocked when I had comments on LOs almost as soon as they were up in my gallery. I'm a Forum newbie but from my experience so far here, this seems like a very very friendly place. Glad I found GDS!
    And the LOs I've been looking at and commenting on are all amazing -- from super simple to elaborate -- I love to see the love and joy others put into their works that they then freely share. :-)

  9. This is one of the things that has drawn me to this site... after I justed posting my LO here, I always get comments. Not only is the products here wonderful, but the warm welcome the you get here, that's why I keep coming back! there are a lot of other places that I think they could care less about my $20.00 an month I usually spend, Hey I might not me a big spender, but I do like feeling welcome.... AND this IS THE PLACE!!!!

    Thanks to you all!!!!

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    Don't get me wrong...I do love all the feedback...but I wish there was a way to reward the people who post actual feedback specific to the layout rather than the same two words on every layout.

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