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Thread: Easier way to see Monthly Challenges

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    Easier way to see Monthly Challenges

    This is more a site request than a designer request...but I really WISH there was an easier way to see what the current Monthly Challenges are.

    I was sitting here wanting to scrap something, but not having any motivation and thought I'll do a challenge. Unfortunately it is kind of difficult to find what challenges are for the current month.

    When you go to the Challenge section of the forum you can't just click on challenges that have their last post during the current month, because some times those are from the previous months challnge.

    If you go to the calander there is so much on there that it is hard to find what challenges are happening that month. Plus once you click on the challenge it doesn't take you to the forum thread with the specifics for that challenge. So you have to go the calander write down what challenges you see then go back to the challenge section in the forum and find that thread.

    Sometimes the challenges are listed in the newsletter. I just wish there was an easier way to view the current challnges on the website.

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    If you notice in the challenges section, almost all of the challenges have the month in the title, i.e. August Color challenge. Plus they are usually listed in the "upcoming events for the next 10 days" section next to the latest threads at the top.

    Hope this helps!

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    When you go to the forum index, all the current monthly challenges with their expiration dates and links to the actual challenge are on the upper right hand corner (like Michelle said). Everything is right there and easy to access, and you can see at a glance what challenges are active. Don't click on the calendar, but click on the challenge link and it will link you to the actual challenge. This is the only site that I've seen that does this, making it really easy to see all the challenges at a glance.
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    I check out the Challenge like Mari does
    When you click "forum" you will see a breakdown of the most recent forum posts and the Upcoming Events at the top of the page

    The Challenges are on the Left under "Upcoming Events"
    It is a great tool!

    Upcoming Events for the Next 10 Day(s)
    Carena Cluster Tutorial & Challenge: 08-02-2009 to 08-30-2009
    August Sketch Challenge with Andrea: 08-01-2009 to 09-01-2009
    Wordart Challenge ~ August: 08-03-2009 to 08-31-2009
    Font Challenge ~ August: 08-03-2009 to 08-31-2009
    Color Challenge ~ August: 08-03-2009 to 08-31-2009
    be inspired challenge ~ August: 08-01-2009 to 08-31-2009
    Play the GDS Lottery!: 08-01-2009 to 08-31-2009
    August Style Challenge - No People: 08-01-2009 to 08-31-2009
    August Principles and Elements of Design Challenge: 08-01-2009 to 08-31-2009
    *SALE* 35% off Page Kits: 08-01-2009 to 08-16-2009
    Collab Kit Challenge -August: 08-01-2009 to 08-31-2009
    Scrappin' 7 Challenge - August '09: 08-01-2009 to 08-31-2009
    Decorate Your Desktop: 08-01-2009 to 08-31-2009
    Speed Scrap w/Jenn 9pm EST: 08-13-2009
    Template Chat with Andrea 3PM EST/1PM MTN: 08-19-2009

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    See I usually do not go to the Forum Index. I go to New Posts or Challenges.

    When I go to the index there is a list on the upper right. However than I have to click on each challenge which loads that calander entry. Then click on the link in that entry which opens a new window with the thread in it.

    Then if I want to look at a different challenge I have to close that window, click the back arrow, than click on the challenge, then click on the link in the calander entry, which opens a new window with that challenge thread in it.

    Ends up being a lot of clicks and a lot of windows opening and multiple pages being loaded into the temp files. And a need to clean the memory before actually using a memory hungry program like Photoshp.

  6. Sorry it's been so difficult for you Katie! I know some of us try to remember to link the challenge in the calendar...but I might forget sometimes.

    Will try harder to make sure the forum thread is linked in the calendar entry :-)

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