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  1. Quote Originally Posted by twirlyjoy View Post
    Getting the internal one fitted was cheaper than buying a new external one, but that might be different over there to here!

    As far as having my stuff backed up, I had most of it backed up, but not the most recent photos which were of my dd's Christmas play - my routine was to back up at the end of the month, but that meant that everything during that month was lost :(

    Also, when they do the data retrieval, they have to scan to retrieve EVERYTHING - I couldn't say "I only want you to scan for my Christmas play photos and not anything else" .
    And my husband laughs at me that I keep all the good stuff on SD card forever! He seems to think that after you d/l your photos to the computer, you should then delete them from the camera.... I figure I'd rather buy a new SD card when the old one gets full -- and have them as one additional backup -- this way even if I lose the photos from the computer, I still have the originals -- at worst I've lost whatever editting I'd done (red eyes, cropping, etc.) --- of course when I edit a photo I always save with a new name so I can still keep the original! (Anyone want to know why my HD is filling up??? )

    Of course now that I'm *also* downloading photos from my married kids SD cards (so much better than in the "olden days" when grandparents had to wait till the kids made reprints of their photos --- I get them straight off the camera (But I have a feeling my kids are keeping their SD cards intact to... so... no biggie LOL!)

    Silly question -- do you keep one set of backup CDs at another location? Just in case something happened to your computer desk -- where all 5 copies are sitting next to one another? Not that I've got anything on mine serious enough to put in the bank LOL -- but I was thinking of keeping one spare set of DVDs at my daughter's house or something like that.

    Anyone do that?

  2. Thanks!

    I'm glad for this thread just for newbies. This forum is quite overwhelming! I'll try out one of the programs you suggested. I'm just starting out in digi-scrapping, so I'm glad for any help I can get!

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    Suggestion to MnMommy about deleted files

    Quote Originally Posted by MnMommy2 View Post
    I'm a digi newbie, and loving digi so far. I just need to figure out what the heck i did, i downloaded a bunch of files free off the net and bought a few too. i burned them to a CD (so I thought) and opened the cd, saw the file folders and thought I was good to go and deleted the files from my hard drive. well, last night i tried to open the cd files and there is NOTHING in the folders! WTH?

    I am just crushed... there are a few kits I bought that were on there, but not too many, but I cruised the internet for some awesome freebies and now most the download links have expired.

    What do you all do when saving files? Do you put them on a CD, leave them on your computer or put them on a jump drive?
    Hi MnMommy!

    If you are on a PC and you are using Windows XP, then you can probably "recover" your deleted files from your recycle bin. Just find the recycle bin which is usually located on your desktop and open it. Look to find the files you deleted and "restore them". Either remember the names or write them down and you can do a "search" on your computer to find that name. Then you will know where they are.

    After that you can create a folder called SB downloads or something like that and download all your stuff in there until you set up a file folder system on your computer for your digital files.

    Hope this helps.
    BTW-It is a good idea to always back up your files.

  4. Hi all I just join this forum and I hope I can learn mor on how to digi lol

  5. Thumbs up Hi from Newbie

    I'm excited to be here and had no idea there was a kit for joining..woohoo.. what a nice surprise.. I'll check my email in a bit.. Anyway, I've been looking around and so far I'm quite impressed, looks like a lot of fun!! I'll key ya's around the boards and I'll be sure to ask questions if I come across any.. :) Have a great day everyone..

    PS and I just love the smilies in here.. hehe

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    Im new here and just registered but I never recieved a free kit... where can I find that or how do I go about getting it? Thanks

  7. Hi, i just registered and your site sent me an email that had a link to the free kit.
    I`m downloading it. I`m from Russia, and my english is pure- sorry for my mistakes

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    Dec 2008
    West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.
    Hi all
    I have just d/l the welcome kit and it's very pretty, thankyou

    Korica Your english is a lot better than my Russian LOL

  9. Interested in the tablet

    and would like your expert opinion on using it? Worth the expense? Easy to use? Finished extraction easy to put in Photoshop Elements? Thanks for your advice.

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    Mar 2009
    Parsonsburg Maryand USA

    Red face Hello I am New!

    I just Joined Today, Wondering How To Get The Free Kit To Start??

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