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Thread: How does everyone do a 2 page layout digitally?

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  1. How does everyone do a 2 page layout digitally?

    I am a newbie to DS and traditionally I use 2 pagers all the time. I was just wondering if people do them as seperate pages or all in one work space? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    Good question. I have wondered the same thing. Anyone got any hints for us?

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    I do both. If I am creating something that has elements that crosses the page I will do it together as a 12x24. Then if I want to print it I just save each 12x12 side individually. You just have to watch out for the middle because you can lose some of it in printing. I usually don't put anything I'm not willing to lose in the last 1/4 inch, or if you have the grid on, in the last square along the middle.

    I also do pages individually if the pages are more blocked because it's easier for me to see the elements. I don't have a big monitor so I really have to zoom in sometimes and I can't get the over all picture with the zoom all the way in.

    Hope that helps

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    I wondered the same thing!!! I've not tried a 12x24. Now I see people posting the 2 pages together-side by side. Is this originally a 12x24 or 2 12x12s somehow uploaded in a way I'm not familiar with?

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    You can get some templates that are 24 x 12
    Or you can put two pages side by side to get the feel of what it will be as a two pager, by creating a new document that is 24 x12, and then drag and drop each side of the page on opposite sides of the new document.
    Sometimes I do this just to get the web sized image to upload.
    I dont usually save two pagers this way, since I would need to print them individually anyway.

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    Thanks ladies for your input. Guess I will have to give this a try. I have never done as 2 pg. lo before.

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    I always do my 2 pagers as side by side pages (two pages). The grid helps to line everything up b/c you can use it to "see" were things that stretch across the two pages should be to line up right. I ususally post them as two separate pages as well. It's just easier for me.

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    Usually I do two seperate pages 12x12. Save them as a *.tiff files. Then create a blank page that is 12x24 and drag both pages into it and arrange them to fit.

    However, I bought a two page template a few weeks ago and am off to try that method.

    I don't really print anything anymore. I just use my computer monitor with a screensaver of all my layouts for viewing.

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    I usually do them seperately, but if I want an element to cross the split I will do them as one long workspace with a guide at the half way point. Then crop each side to divide if I'm going to print.

  10. Thank u for all of the very helpful tips!! It is great to be part of such a helpful community. I will give both ways a try!! Thanks again.


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