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  1. Why Go Digital Scrapbooking?

    Why Go Digital Scrapbooking?

    It's Less Expensive Than Paper Scrapping - everything you purchase such as paper, alpha's, buttons, brads, flowers -all of it is reusable and easily recolored. Buy it once and use it over and over again. And if you can't find something you want, you can easily make it yourself!

    You have No Mess - all of your supplies are on your computer. You won't have to spend your limited and precious time getting supplies out just to have to put them away again! If you have a few minutes to jump on your computer, you have your scrapping supplies right in front of you. And if you have to leave in the middle of working on a page (layout), just hit save and walk away! It'll be sitting right there when you can return again to work with it.

    Full ability to Manipulate Your Photos - you can crop your photos, change the colors, turn them black and white, tint them. There are so many things you can do to your photos to help make them stand out in your layouts. No need to go to the photo lab to get a photo blown up and no more cropping mistakes!

    The Undo Button - anything you do can be undone. No ruined photos or products. No need to start over when you don't like something on the page, just hit the undo button and fix something easily to your liking!

    You can Make Duplicate / Multiple Copies - you can create multiple copies of pages and albums for friends and family without having to make the same page over and over again. Just hit print!

    Use Your Precious Time More Efficiently - digital scrapping can take less time by using pre-made supplies and pages. These are great for professionals or mom's without a lot of time.

    Sharing your Scrapbook - there are more ways to share your scrapbook pages than just in an album. Scrapping digitally makes it easier to share your pages with friend and family through email, on slide shows, using your Ipod and on the web.

    Safe Keeping / Preservation - All of your precious photos, pages, and albums can be digitally preserved on CDs, or on an external hard drive, in multiple locations. If something were to happen to your home or your scrapbooks, you can easily just reprint.

    There are so many wonderful styles when Going Digital Scrapbooking... Just take a look at a sampling of the beautiful & varied layouts here in our gallery!

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Digiscrapping!

  2. Hi, I really appreciate you sharing what really digital scrapping is all about:) I indeed interested to try and so excite to create one. You are correct , we can create multiple pages with varied layouts.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I am new and just figuring things out. I have bought Photoshop Elements and bunches of digital kits and one of these days I will have to make some pages instead of spending my time shopping for supplies!

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    Glad to see you are finding your way around a bit. I'm hoping you're finding some threads that will help you. A great way to get involved is to do some of the challenges - and there's always someone here to answer any questions you might have. So feel free if you get stuck on something!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensesan View Post
    Thanks for sharing this. I am new and just figuring things out. I have bought Photoshop Elements and bunches of digital kits and one of these days I will have to make some pages instead of spending my time shopping for supplies!
    I was a traditional paper scrapper, but I started seeing all these beautiful LOs on FB. I was like you ... bought some supplies, templates, pinned some LOs ... finally got PSE, but it took me a while to just plunge in & start scrapping. I started with the progressive scrap here at GDS -- one step at a time! & I could see what everyone else was doing. Everyone here is so friendly & helpful ... & the above reasons are exactly why I have come to love this craft! Hope you jump in! Enjoy!!

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    I was a traditional scrapper as well. I still use my huge paper stash for making gifts and home decor crafts, for wrapping paper, cards, etc. I just finished a more traditional album. I don't think I'll do that again. I had all the supplies, but I missed the undo button. I originally started digiscrapping because I travelled a lot with my job but I was stuck in the hotel by myself in strange cities or airports most of the time. So, I started digiscrapping. I love it. I hated searching for matching cardstock for my layouts, now I can just make it match!
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