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    And for photos I take --

    I store a "Raw" or backup copy of the card when download the photos. \backup\photos from Sony Apr 2009
    Every so often find I have not been able to go back or undo to get the altered photo back to the orginal

    Then copy them again and sort by year and event.
    so have 2008 \circus, \vacation, \midwest horse fair as subfolders under that.
    2009 with Horse fair....
    Or sometimes do the other way. CAT is the main folder name, and 2005, 2006, 07, 08, 09 are the subfolders under that.

    Since the date is saved already with the photo infomation, all I need do is click on properties to see the date it was originally taken [provided had camera set up correctly -- which often forget]

    So, the basic answer is just to set them up however you would have done the photos and negatives or paper scrapbooking elements.

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    Thanks for all the info.

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    I have mine in folders by store - though I've gotten away from even picking up freebies from anywhere but GDS because this is where I hang out and participate in challenges and I never end up using the kits I get from other sites.

    I have all of my digi stuff, photos, and scrapbooked pages on my EHD. In my GDS folder, I have each kits folder named "kitname - designername" anything that isn't a kit (alpha, single element or pack, template, qp) gets what it is before "template - templatename - designername". I also rename each kits preview to "folder.jpg" which automatically makes it the thumbnail.

    I have toyed with the idea of seperating designers into their own folders, but I like being able to see everything at a glance. When a kit has been retired or a designer leave, I move those kits to a seperate folder and when the folder is full enough I burn it to a dvd.

    I also have a seperate folder with creative use items.

    I have ACDsee, but haven't taken the time to tag anything - I know that once I do that my scrapbooking time will be much more efficient.

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    Also, try "Unzip Them All" for the unzipping part of the process. It will unzip MANY files all at once.

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    I have gone through so many different organizations for my photos. I take hundreds of photos. 300 a month is most likely a conservative estimate for me. I use to sort them into folders by categories (place, event, person, etc.). But after several years and various new activities that gor too cumbersome.

    Now I sort by year. Under that is a folder for each month titled by ##Month, so they sort correctly (2009 - 05May).

    When I download using Bridge I atuomatically copy the raw file into a new folder under Backup_Raw - date (the backup file is copied before the files are re-named) so a new folder is needed for each camera download.

    I also have a folder titled NEW Pictures and each monthly folder starts out there until I adjust and color correct each one.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Gem View Post
    Tell me about ACDSee. Is it independent of the photo editing program?

    I started out tagging my photos in the PSE 3.0 organizer. But I stopped after I had a lot of missing files. I had moved the photos to another location after I had burned a backup and then the PSE 3.0 organizer couldn't find them I guess.

    Also, I heard that when I get a new computer or software upgrade then I would have to start my PSE organizer catalog all over again. I haven't been tagging my photos since, but I REALLY need a way to tag photos AND scrapbook supplies because my computer has become a jungle of both and it takes a LONG time to find what I want.

    I have my scrapbook supplies sorted by store or website name.
    Hi, scroll down to the bottom of our pages and you'll see a banner for ACDSee :) That will take you to the makers and you can see how it works!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    I downloaded a trial of ACDSee and am using it but don't know how to organized them within it right now.

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