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Thread: Alpha Question

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    Alpha Question

    I bought an alpha set and all the letters are on one sheet. How do I use this if I want only certain letters?

    Also, I purchased another alpha that looks purple on the store site. Do these turn the color of the background paper I am using?

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    All you do is use your selection tool and go around the shape/letter you want to use. Then you drag it onto your page or a new layer.

    I use PS and I use the magic lasso tool, hold down the shift, and I can select a few letters at a time. Once they are on my page, I select each one separately, copy it to its own later, and then just delete the layer that has a few letters on it.

    Hope this helps

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    I use ps7 & I personally am not so good with the cutting tools so I erase the letters I don't need, erase the background, then use the rectangle selector to box around the letters I need & paste them onto my LO.

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    You have many ways to do it and Michelle and Elena already told you 2 of the ways you can do it.

    Elena, isn't it too much work erasing? And well, Aren't you afraid of messing your original file?

    I use PS-CS3 and I use the Rectangle Lasso Tool, I think it's the easiest way. Since I don't like to cut and then take then to another file and then come back to do another, I do this:

    - select the letter I want with the Rectangle Lasso Tool
    - CTRL+J click (with the alpha sheet layer selected) This duplicates what is in the selection.

    I repeat until I have all the letters I need. Then I select their layers and then I take to my layout file, they go all together.

    Hope it helps.

  5. Dani, I use PSE5 & I just tried your way of doing this & it works perfectly! That will save me so much time! :) (How I was doing this before was just cropping out the letter I need & then undo it to get the full alpha back & repeat that for each letter). I'm glad I read this!

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    thanks for the tips on how to do this. So much to still learn.

    I create for Shelly's Art
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  7. Very helpful! Thanks!

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