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  1. Photo Mask 101? (or 911?) for PSE 7

    I absolutely love the look of photo masks that I've seen used in some LO's. I've downloaded a couple of "free" photo masks and was wondering how to use there a quick tutorial somewhere for PSE 7?

    I have two that is in a .jpeg format and one that is in a .png format. The .png is black where I would expect the photo to show through....but I'm at a loss as to how you make that happen!! The .jpeg format is black around the edges, not in the middle, so I can get my photo on it okay, but I can't get that nice transparent look when I try to put it onto a just sits on top like a frame vs a blended & faded out transition....

    any help much appreciated!!


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    I don't know what a photo mask is so I'll be watching your thread. Where did you get the free ones so that I can follow directions given here?

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    I believe what you have to do is make sure the photo layer is above the mask in the layers pallette, then click on: layers - group with previous. Once it's attached, flatten down so that the 2 layers will become 1. That should work!

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    There are some great tutorials here, under Resources at the top of the page, but I don't see one for this kind of thing. So, I'd direct you to the tuts at DSP, specifically the one here.

  5. Masks

    Wow...this is fabulous. Even I can do this I'm sure :)

    I'm going to sit here all day & just browse the tutorials...

    Thank you

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    I can't remember exactly how PSE works in comparison with CS5, but you should be able to place the photo layer above the mask layer in the layers palette ... then, with one of the two layers selected, hold down the ALT key and place your cursor on the line between the two layers. Your cursor will change to a circle with an arrow ... now click the line between the two layers. The top layer will indent slightly in comparison to the lower layer. When you look at what happens on your layout you'll see that the photo layer clipped itself to the mask.

    I hope I didn't confuse things ... the tutorials will be tremendously helpful because it will have screen shots usually ... and like I said, I'm not sure if the two apps work the same.

    Good luck ... stick with it, cuz you'll get it eventually and be welcomed into the ranks of the addicted!

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