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    I can't get the blooming paper to cut!!!!!


    I am trying to do my first layout here and I am following the instructions of the tutorial for Adobe PSE (I have PSE6). I am trying to group the layers so that they will cut and it is not doing it!

    The paper I am trying to cut is from the Cora's Best Friend kit and I have noticed that it is in what the layer is calling a frame layer -- is that part of the problem.

    I am so frustrated now I could scream!


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    Okay -- I figured it out -- clear layer style - simplyfy layer.



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    Glad you got it. To stop getting the "frame layer" when you add a paper to your layout, have the paper open in the workspace and then drag it down to the thumbnail of your layout page in the project bin. You can't drag from the project bin into a layout otherwise you get the frame layer. I was really frustrated by that when I first started with PSE6. Pse5 and below it's ok.

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