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11-17-2008, 10:23 AM
Hi everyone - I've been MIA for a few weeks getting my magazine done and to printer on time and now I'm back and have LOTS to catch up on!

I posted some of the following in my techniques challenge thread, but I wanted to share some of it with you about my past few days co-hosting a 7 year old birthday party with lots of kids.

I just spent the weekend at my granddaughter's helping with 2 birthday parties for her - one on Saturday for her 7 year old kids party and one on Sunday for family. The kids party was a '7-year old" version of a spa party in the house.

She still likes to play with Barbie dolls, but is more into High School Musical and Hannah Montana these days - she's growing up way too fast for me - LOL.

Nails, pedicures, back massages, hair styled up on heads with lots of glitter (i'm still finding it on me), games (pin lips on a Jonas brother's poster - their version of pin the tail on a donkey and pass the purse game - and when music stops they get to pick a gift out of purse), and lots of crafts.

I had the fun of teaching a lot of 7 year olds how to make bath salts, lip gloss, tying ribbons and yarn on flip flops, and decorating (painting and gluing objects) onto denim purses. That was 'my responsibility' at the party - LOL.
The 'messy' and chaotic part! Can't wait for the day when they want to have a digi scrapbooking class.

And I ended up making goody bags for them as giveaways on Thursday and Friday - bags full of jewelry I made, combs, shower gels, bath salts, etc - about 30 or 40 things in each bag - phew!

Now I know why 56 year old ladies love to go home after visiting grandkids - they WEAR YOU OUT! I'm exhausted! good thing my 5 grandkids only have one birthday a year. LOL.

I will be posting my new Techniques Challenge (making plaid papers) within next 2 days - please be patient! And I am finishing up some kits for the posting bonus for Oct's one - one of which will be the posting gift for the Techniques Challenge.

I have a proof I have to get back to printer today, and then I'm back 100% (well maybe 80% - I have some laundry and housework to do too you know - LOL).

And GUESS WHAT! My computer has been giving me such fits these past few months on my magazine (and designing sometimes) that my DH finally agreed to bite the bullet and buy me a NEW COMPUTER! I CAN NOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! It was ordered last Monday - and has arrived at a friend's house who is custom building it for me per specs I need for my magazine). Cost about the same as getting it off the shelf at Best Buy - but this way I get exactly what I want - 2+ ghz dual core processor, Raid backup - which backs up my files to 2 internal 500 gig hard drives at the SAME time - so if one goes bad, I still have the other one - this is in addition to my EHD and DVDs. And yes, I am sticking with XP for now.

And my DH insisted I get TWO 22 inch monitors (like he had to twist my arms) - because some people at his office have this set up and he thinks it will be cool if I can have both InDesign and Photoshop up at the same time but on different screens - and then just use the mouse or pen pad to move stuff from one screen to the other screen - which moves stuff from photoshop into my InDesign software.

I think I have died and gone to heaven - please pinch me so I know this is not a fantasy dream. We have been scrimping and saving to buy this computer.

And my DH is also building out a 16x22 foot portion of our unfinished basement to move my office from a spare bedroom down there. nothing fancy - just dry walling it and painting and an area rug for now. Will be colder, but I don't care - I need MORE space.

I currently have both of my spare bedrooms FILLED with crafts - and the office stuff has crept out into my living room and kitchen and I think my dh is tired of looking at it. That's ok - he promised me a craft room about 8 years ago when we moved here - so better late than never. And right now - I need a computer office - not a craft room in the basement.

Anyway - that's what I've been up to lately - I've missed being around here - and I can see from all the layouts in the gallery and the forum threads - that I have a lot of catching up to to.

Ok - that's enough of me for now - I've got to get this proof out so I can move on to finish up my techniques challenge and get my posting gifts out for the last one - and also catch up on some designing and layouts! And you know what - my 7-year old granddaughter's birthday party with all of her friends was more tiring than what I have ahead of me now.

And a HUGE thank you to everyone on my creative team and to Elaine (EMST) my CT Team Leader who have been so great about doing layouts and helping out while I've been tied up these past few weeks. I did manage to get one of my Daily Downloads done for you - I hope you liked the vintage halloween elements.

Back later to start catching up!

And ps - if you ever have a SPA party for a 7 year old - be prepared for LOTS of hair glitter and a mess everywhere - but boy did they have a blast and I had a fantastic time! And hopefully one of these days, I can have some free time to scrap some layouts with the photos I took. Too precious! Now that I think about it - I don't have anything 'spa related' - birthday stuff yes - spa stuff no - wonder if anyone has that kind of kit? if not - I'll have to whip up something. Oh no - another project - ok brain - stop thinking - I have enough projects on my 'to do' list.


11-17-2008, 11:28 AM
wow sounds like you've been busy!!!!

The spa party sounds fun - I did soemthing similar for each of my girls at different ages - got younger as I went through the kids - guess having older sisters makes you grow up quicker!

And congrats on the new computer - sounds fantastic!!

11-17-2008, 12:29 PM
Sounds like you did a good job Grandma!

11-17-2008, 04:32 PM
Sounds to me like everyone had a super time, even Grandma. Congrats on your new computer, how awesome. Look forward to see your new creations.

11-17-2008, 07:18 PM
Yipee for the new computer! I'm glad you will have the tools you need to unleash your creativity without the prior frustration of a finicky computer. It also sounds like you had a ton of fun with your granddaughter and her friends.