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09-26-2008, 10:24 PM
While on Myspace, someone posted a bulletin about someone taking things that others have made and adding her name to them before she added them to a free site. I haven't found any of my work on there yet, but I did come accross a photo I saw in a layout here and wanted to let the owner/designer know about it. I remember her saying that she took 2 different pictures that she took and blended them together, because one was of the lights going up and the other was the lights illuminating the clouds.

Please take a look at this picture and let me know if it truely is yours so I can send you the link to the site where it's at. I'll post the link here so everyone can check to make sure none of their's are there, if it's ok with the mods here.

I had to do a screen shot and resize it because she's got right clicking diabled.


09-27-2008, 04:03 AM
Here it is! From leenielouwho:

09-27-2008, 04:12 AM
very very similar.. but not identical..I'm sure there were many/hundreds/thousands photos taken that night of those lights.. but this looks like it's taken from a different viewpoint to me......unless you watermark everything you share online.. or don't post them at all....

even disabling right click does NOTHING to protect yourself .. there are so MANY ways around that .. I've gone in and saved photos for my friends that way to show them they were fooling themselves but doing that .. (their own photos) .. all the disable right click does is annoy those of us that use it to open links in new windows or tabs (and then I can get around that with keyboard commands anyway)

09-27-2008, 07:45 AM
I agree that they do look kind of similar but to be honest leenielouwho's is much better. But thanks for letting us know because I have had those kinds of things happen to me before.

09-27-2008, 09:04 AM
Here it is! From leenielouwho:

Thank you for finding that! I believed ya'll when you were saying that they were different, but it just makes me feel better seeing it myself, ya know?

A ladie that does the graphics for myspace users found her graphics with her watermark on them on the site with "Kathy's Comments" on them as well.

I'm going ahead and including the link, so if anybody does those types of pics, you can look and make sure none of your are on there.

If the mods don't want the link here, I'll edit the post and take it out. :biggrin: