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06-27-2008, 08:42 AM
Which is bound to be rather long winded . Because I have not been more upset then I am right this minute in a very long time.

I think the last time I posted with ya'll I told ya'll she didn't have Hep C. She has Acute Alcoholic Hep. She got out of the hospital 2 days after we found that out so this was a month ago. She spent 3 weeks have home before she went into the hospital last Thursday.

When She came home is about the time me and my MIL and my fiance started getted mad. She was told she needed to get up and get her strenght back. She quite literally instead spend 3 weeks on her back in bed to the point she was losing her muscles. Her diet was still low sodium cause she was still swelling. The most she was allowed to drink a day was 2 litres of water and water only.
She was told that she had to be sober 6 months, 6 months worth of AA Meetings and that she was to not smoke at all. Not even the patches are gum because if they found nicotine in her system the 6 months would reset.

She's 40 years old. After a week of all this fighting with her over her restrictions we pretty much told her she was an adult she could do what she wanted but only if she was ok with the consquences and that she had to remember she has an 8 and 10 yr old to worry about. *dies laughing* Yeah let me tell ya. She was back to smoking almost a pack a day. She was drinking more then anyone in the house. AND. This nice low sodium diet that even me n my fiance had to follow cause we've basically been living there for a month. The kids even followed it eating stuff they normally would revolt at putting in thier mouth. And She didn't...follow the diet at all.. She's the only one that didn't.

So point Number One is. There are easier and quicker and less painful ways of killing yourself then the way she's been trying the last month. And she is a very selfish person. See guys if she did it this way. She'd put Dax and the kids through as much heck as she could. You see my BIL Dax has to terminal illnesses. He really andhonestly was told he'd never see 30. He's fixing to be 31. While thier terminal most of the time thier nothing serious to deal with. Cause he does check ups and all his insides work as they should 98% of the time. But not this last month. See the stress and alll the crap she's been putting on him on purpose was killing him. He's got Chrone's. So for the first time in a long time he was actually havingmajor problems with it and she didn't care. She is the type of person to have the mind frame if she's got to go someone has to go with her.

But the kids....I honestly and trully want to hope that the way she's been treating the children the last month was her way of pushingthem away. But it wasn't. The kids memories right now are of Mama being drunk all the timeto mama getting sick and ignoring them. She wouldn't let them in her room. She wouldn't go watch tv with them. She complained at them constantly. Asked me and my mother in law one day after she been in the car with the kids "Do ya'll not get headaches from them? because they get on my nerves" The kids were in the backseat.

And here's where I get cold about it all. See 2 1/2 weeks ago my MIL and the kids showed up all upset and crying. Because Ann's brother is a butthole. I had to sit in my kitchen that day. And try to make my 8 year old niece understand that nothing about the way Ann was treating her and Alex was thier fault. See Ann had been so bad with these children and she's been treating them and Dax like all this was there fault. So the day I had to try to make Lexi believe it wasn't her fault. Was the day I quit caring what happened to ann. I had been telling her that not to be cold about it but no matter how sick she was Alex and Lexi had to be our main priority. I mean really. How else should that go? But Ann wasn't having none of iit. She had Dax and my MIL jumping all day everyday. She wouldn't even try to walk to the bathroom if she didn't have too.

There has been other stuff with her idiot cousins that are so close to her n her siblings that her brother didn't know the womans name. I won't go into all that it was after Ann got put into ICU Sunday or monday or whatever day it was. Trust me for the last 3 days because of this woman I've been so ready to hit someone that my fiance's cousin has my bail money ready. She did some stuff that soo throughly upset Alex. and sorry the kids life SUCKS right now. but even on a normal day it is not ok for anyone to mess with our niece and nephew.. not to the point that the kids freaks the heck out on us that we have to bring him to go see his daddy at work.

The wake is tonight 5-8. The funeral tomorrow @ 10. I honestly hope her family don't show up showing thier butt. It is in no shape a good thing for the kids to see me or thier granny snap.

I could hate ann right now. I've been thinking this all week watching Alex and Lexi and Dax. I have to actually work at not hating her. She didn't have to listen to the kids talk about her when she ignored them or yelled at them. And she didn't or wouldn't open her eyes to what she was doing to dax. She did all this on purpose and she didn't care how it affected anyone else.

Dax is one of my two best friends. And those kids are my babies. I don't see how anyone anyone would purposely do that to him or to thier children. I really don't see how anyone could be so self involved that they can do everythign possible to make the people that love them 100% miserable.

not to be a nag but for various reasons I'm glad she's gone because I know just with her this last week had to hurt her alot. We couldn't even touch her anymore to hold her hand or kiss her on her cheek because she had gotten so swollen that it hurt her when we touched her. They actually took like 2 litres of fluid off her stomach sometime monday. but they couldn't do anything about her arms and legs and feet. I don't imagine she wanted to live like that for a whole long time.

ok that's the end of my rant. I rather need to stop usingya'll to rant on but I can't can't say a whole lot of what I think right now to my fiance or Dax. Donny's known ann about 10 years longer then Dax has and they were and have always been really close. So I can't hurt him with alot of this more then he already is hurting atm.

06-27-2008, 10:59 AM

I just wanted to say that I am so sorry you and your family has had to go through this. I'm glad that you have the kids best interest at heart and I will be praying for some sense of solace for you all now. Big hugs.

06-27-2008, 03:41 PM
Big hugs, and may you all find the peace of God for all of you.

06-27-2008, 08:51 PM
sometimes you just need to vent. we understand.
I pray you and your family can find the peace and love to forgive her. Living with the hate is so much harder.

06-27-2008, 10:04 PM
Don't feel bad about ranting ... thats what we are here for.
I had a very similar feeling towards my MIL after she died. Althought slightly different, she was the way she was due to alzheimer's but the hate was still their because of what that alzheimer's did. It is easier once you forgive as Julie said but that will come when you are ready. ~Hugsss~
You are in my thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time .....

06-27-2008, 11:09 PM
Wow, hugs go out to you Bobbie! I hope you'll all get through this and things will get getter!

06-28-2008, 02:13 AM
Am really sorry for all that you and your family have been through. Hope that you can find some peace soon.

06-28-2008, 04:47 AM
I am so sorry you have had to feel so much pain and frustration. She is now at peace and God will give you the strength and courage to move forward. The two dear children and their Dad, Dax will need all the support you can give them now. Blessing to you for caring.