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Jazzys Mom
05-06-2008, 07:05 AM
Hi there!

Just thought I'd let you know about these FREE teleseminars/webinars on dog training and some things about cats too! Here are the particulars:

The first webinar on dogs is May 22nd and cats first one is June 3rd. You can go on her website to sign up. Her website is www.simpledogtrainingsecrets.com

Here are some of the experts she already has lined up and is working on getting more.

Wendy Vollard - Discussing on how nutrition affects training
Ann Martin - Author of "Food Pets Die For"
Dr. Shawn - the natural vet
Mr K9, Mel McDuffy - discussing all disciplines of dog training
Willis Saucier - of HandCraftedCollars, Pet Massage
Pam Benigno - Expert dog and cat groomer
Pet Services, Pet Products and more.

She is working on getting lined up with The Monks of New Skete and Cesar Milan.

Dr. R, J. Peters - Cat expert, journalist & author will be the first guest on cats and will be discussing " How To Make Your Cat Adore You" from her book and the next week will be teaching cat massage

I think this may be really interesting and worth signing up for - especially since the seminars are Free! Check out the website!

Not only iare the webinars free but she has a free e-book for download too! Tracy is a great trainer and has many years experience in training dogs! Its worth checking this out!

Here is the direct link to sign up for the first webinar - Wendy Vollard.


Jazzys Mom

05-06-2008, 07:23 AM
Thanks for the info! My dog could use some training!

Jazzys Mom
05-06-2008, 07:38 AM
HeeHee, mine too! I'm going to go download her e-book! I've known Tracy for a long time and she is an awesome dog trainer