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04-06-2008, 03:05 PM
Don't worry it's for my sister :) She actually is ALREADY divorced and has been for a year, but he STILL has not done what the divorce decree says he must do. I'll try to be nice... Background- my sister has no kids and is a tech in the medical profession. She was married for 6 years to a guy who she helped put through law school.

He is a lawyer now (BAR card and all) but "has no money" to get their debts refinanced into his name as per the divorce decree. He chooses not to get a new job and gets paid per case (he'd rather surf the internet so he's not fighting for cases). She paid off his car (which is apparently now broken down and he left it at a garage until he gets money to fix it).

He was supposed to sell the house which is in both of their names, but decided to keep it. My sister won't sell him her part (she says he contributed all the closing costs except $2500, so he can have the house AFTER he refinances the school loan- it's her only leverage). The school loan- he went to private college and law school, she has an associates from a community college, so the judge obviously saw the mismatch and told him to refinance that in his name, and she'd pay off the car, the house would sell- done.

It has been 14 months since it was final and he STILL has not done what he was ordered to do. He has the car which she HAS paid off, he is living in the house, the 80k loan is still in both of their names- and he is now engaged. How can he find the money to take a girl to dinner, let alone get engaged if he has no money? By the way, she has a 10 year old daughter, so he'll be "supporting" a family:confused1:

Anyone know the next step? I'm trying to save her the $250 per hour she'd have to pay her lawyer (so you see he COULD make money). Thanks in advance for reading this far too!!!!

04-06-2008, 03:14 PM
That's awful Stephanie. I'm reading this and I'm talking to my sister who went through a rough divorce and she after 17 years has problems with her ex. Anyway she said all she should have to do is go to the courthouse and go to the courtclerk of the judge that ordered him to refianance. If the judge has made any orders to him in writing all she should have to do is take those papers with her and they can look it up with the docket number on the papers. He could very well be held in contempt of court.
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